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Ceiling Applications

Due to the multi-directional travel of sound waves it is imperative that a ceiling in any interior space has a level of acoustic treatment. Traditionally, suspended ceilings, incorporating acoustic tiles, would serve as the primary material to reduce reverberation, however, a move towards open ceilings with exposed M&E works has created an even greater need for alternative forms of acoustic material in this space.

We offer several solutions utilizing our own range of recycled acoustic polyester sheets that can be cut to any shape and design for both vertical and horizontal applications and can even be printed and fabricated to 3D shapes.

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Screen Applications

The move towards open plan flexible workspace makes our screens the perfect solution for breaking up an office environment and at the same time addressing associated acoustic issues.

All screens are made to order and can be produced to any size and design to fit the environment and design scheme. Various fixings are available to hang, slide and demount the screens where required, while companies also have options when it comes to the design.

Texture and dimension can be introduced by “popping” parts of the design and other materials can be inlaid to add interest and functionality.

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Wall Applications

We offer a range of solutions for the acoustic treatment of walls depending on the project location requirements. Our range of pre-colored polyester sheet allows you to create anything from individual tiles to cut out shapes through to full wall design with texture, depth, and even full color imagery.

Other solutions include our premium stretched fabric walling solutions from Novawall allowing you to apply single piece fabric prints or a standard commercial fabric to work with your interior design scheme.

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Desktop Applications

Whether for privacy or simple visual separation of workspaces, desktop solutions can provide a visually appealing divider between shared and non-shared workspaces while still maintaining an open concept feel. Mix and match different styles and function options. Available in customizable shapes and sizes.